whirlDOC 1.0.266

whirlDOC 1.0.266: Spintax editor and document spinner that uses sentence and paragraph variants. Spintax A standard method of spinning documents is spintax, a term that is a combination of the words spin and syntax. The concept is simple. Some words in a document are designated as choices between synonyms. One of the synonyms is randomly chosen when the source document is spun into a document variation. Beyond Spintax whirlDOC extends the spintax concept to alter the grammatical structure of a document. Variants of sentences and paragraphs are

Spinner Synonymizer 1.2: Spinner is used for spinning text content into many variations
Spinner Synonymizer 1.2

Spinner is used for spinning text content into many variations for further usage, such as submitting spinned pieces of text to website directories, article directories, Web 2.0 sites, blogs and so on. SeoDev Spinner is very simple to use, as it has only one function, and everything is tailored to that function, that is to spinning content.

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Shell Whirl 1.0: A beach themed matching game with a totally new spin! Give it a Whirl!
Shell Whirl 1.0

spinning shells. It is your goal to spin shells so that they have matching rotations. When you have a set of three matching spins then those shells whirl off the screen and you complete that section of the game board. The tricky part of the game is that you also have other spinning sea items that are fixed spinners. You can`t change the spin of these sea items, so you have to match the shells spins with these fixed spinners. Fixed spinners are sea

beachware, match, casual, puzzle, spin, game, whirl, shell

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Spintronics toolbar 1.0.0

Spintronics-Info toolbar is a free add-on to your Firefox or Explorer browser. It includes the latest news about Spintronics and related technologies. It also includes easy links to Spintronics-Info, and some other cool gadgets. Spintronics Feeds - Read the latest Spintronics related news, straight from your browser. Spintronics Links - Easy links into Spintronics-Info. More stuff - Listen to local and global radio stations, get local weather, an

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Article Spinner 4.0: Here is the fastest and easiest tool you can use for original content rewrite.
Article Spinner 4.0

spinners to obtain content for their websites and for avoiding using duplicate content that can be easily detected by all search engines. But the truth is not all article spinners produce the desired results. You will probably get frustrated when paying for applications that will produce incoherent sentences or duplicate content, and this is something we would like to avoid. With the latest content rewriting software, the Article Spinner, you can

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Magic 360 4.5.16: Bring your images to life with Magic 360. Rotate them with 360 spin and zoom!
Magic 360 4.5.16

spin scripts, Magic 360 works everywhere: iPad, iPhone most Android devices and all major browsers. That`s because it is a 360 JavaScript spin - it does not use Flash, so all your users can enjoy your 360 degree spins. Whether they are on the move with their mobile phone, tablet or using their computer, JavaScript is supported by all devices. Users can spin on hover, drag or mousewheel. You can even set images to spin automatically on page load once

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Spinner Pro 1.1: Spinner Pro is article spinning and content rewriting tool
Spinner Pro 1.1

Spinner Pro is advanced tool for article spinning and content rewriting. It includes automatic synonym suggestions system based on natural language processing algorithms and part of speech tagging. Huge dictionary with automated synonym search and other features aimed on creation of unique content via rewriting and spinning. Synonyms search is performed in the background without interrupting your work process.

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